Crip Magazine is a self-published magazine project. It comprises contributions on subjects such as crip pop culture, the history and presence of radical crip movements, and subcultural, left and queer contexts of disability. Its contributions deal with pain, opening up a transformative perspective on dis/abled body issues and bodily relations. The magazine is released on an irregular basis; the first issue was published in January 2012, while the second followed in May 2017. The latest edition of Crip Magazine has been produced collaboratively in the course of Bergen Assembly 2019. A “deviant chronopolitics,” as Freeman puts it, is one that envisions “relations across time and between times” that upturns developmentalist narratives of history. Lorenza and many others have become agents in a deviant chronopolitics and the cripping of art history. Crip Magazine collects artifacts of this transhistorical crip (sub)culture. It relates to historical struggles, aiming to create trans-temporary connections and communities across time.

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  • Cyborg-Kinder (aus: an.schläge IV/2017)

    Das Crip Magazine will dem medizinischen Modell von Behinderung und dem Mainstreamdiskurs darüber neue Bilder entgegensetzen. Herausgeberin Eva Egermann über vermeintliche Normalität und feministische Ignoranz. Interview: Lea Susemichel