About Crip Magazine

Crip Magazine is a self-published magazine project, released on an irregular basis. It draws from the history of the disability rights movement, with 80% of its contributors identifying as disabled. Drawing on the reclamation of the term crip (as in Crip Theory) that emerged within disability studies and activism in the 1970s, the magazine overturns the ableist and hyper-productive framing of bodies within capitalism. The project derived out of the motivation to create a common context.

Crip Magazine functions as a collective platform, gathering contributions by diverse cultural producers and artists. The Magazine is for free. It is accessible, free to download as accessible PDF. There are image descriptions to most contributions, the texts are printed in an accessible typeface and various formats (for e.g. screen readers) can be accessed. If you imagine the space of the magazine as a social space it is one where different affinities, alliances and neighbourhoods can take shape. It aims to not reproduce categorization and hierarchization along binarities, diagnosis, and status of ability.

The magazine started as an experiment and proposition for a Crip Culture magazine in the form of a broadsheet newspaper in 2012 in a self-organized and DIY manner.


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